Thursday, 7 August 2008

Write and wrong

Mr G has a reputation for being a bit of stickler, particularly with regard to spelling and the use of the apostrophe.

But stickling can easily become pompous pedantry - a brush with which Mr G hopes he'll never be tarred.

Hence his wish to celebrate, rather than snipe at, these recently spotted 'signs and wonders'.

Mr G thought about popping in to the GLAMOUROUS SHOW BAR to discuss the small matter of the superfluous 'u'.

But he reconsidered and moved on.

Does the extra letter detract from the sparkling neon invitation of Birmingham's answer to La Cage Aux Folles?

It doesn't.

Same goes for a cheery Warwickshire chip shop, sprinkling its apostrophes with an open-hearted abandon that defies criticism.

It's a case of 'So wrong that it's right.'

Three hearty cheer's for Chip's & Fishe's - and a breezy 'U Hoo!' for the GSB.

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