Thursday, 21 August 2008

K? See!

Mr Gnome realizes, to his chagrin, that he rarely 'bigs it up' for individual human beings.

Not any more.

He is determined to probe a wide variety of human types and raise a rousing 'Hurrah!' for any tip-top folk that come into his zone of awareness.

And who better to start with than the remarkable KC pictured (in slightly more youthful days) above? (Specs appeal, or what?)

Chef de cuisine, raconteur, computer wizard and all-round good egg, the reticent and industrious KC falls effortlessly into the category of 'once met, never forgotten'.

Hardworking, charming and good-humoured, KC has, naturally, much in common with Mr Gnome - with the exception of stature.

KC is tall. Very tall. If you encounter him, remark on his tallness - he'll like you all the more.

No surprise to discover that KC is a 'radio man' with a strong leaning towards the 'high end' of BBC Radio 5 Live. Mr Gnome is forever grateful for the nudge that led to his discovery of broadcaster par excellence, the great Rhod Sharpe, the insomniac's friend.

One could go on....

Hard to believe it, but KC is about to celebrate his fortieth birthday.



Malcolm said...

Please Mr Gnome, put me out of my misery (by private e-mail if necessary). Who is this chap?

Mr Gnome said...

Hello Malcolm

Send me an e-mail!

Mr G