Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sing out!

Ever eager to celebrate all that's positive and purposeful, Mr Gnome shouts 'Hurrah!' for two crackingly charismatic choirs.

Both have been participants in the BBC's contest Last Choir Standing.

Strikingly different from one another in many ways, these ensembles exhibit the elements that Mr G so enjoys - energy, enthusiasm and, of course, musical excellence.

In addition, there's the indefinable spirit that they communicate - it's clear that singing is so much more than a hobby to these men and women. The phrase 'breath of life' comes to mind.

Click below to relish the infectious chutzpah of the Brighton Gay Men's Chorus, giving 'I Am What I Am' their not inconsiderable all.

And here for the dignified strength of Belfast's Open Arts Community Choir's performance of Labi Siffre's 'Something Inside So Strong'.


Webrarian said...

Thanks Mr Gnome. I gave up watching this series but I can see I missed out on the Brighton Chorus. They have a wonderful light of honesty in their eyes. It just radiates from their faces.

Mr Gnome said...


I've only seen clips on the website.

We haven't got around to getting one of those tell machines.

I've heard that the actual contest is a wee bit naff.

Ali said...

Mr Gnome, I am delighted you highlighted the choir from Belfast as I also singled them out for special mention on my blog.

Such a shame neither are through to the next round of the competition :-(

Cosmo said...

Hi mr gnome!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll add you to my link list.

(Nice to see ali stopped by too!)

Mr Gnome said...


Mr Gnome is delighted to be in contact with folks in Ireland - the land of the 'wee'.

He is, in fact, in a state of hyper-excitement as he prepares for his first visit to Northern Ireland later this month.