Thursday, 29 November 2007

Mr G is feeling nostalgic

Mr G confesses to a moment of wistful reflection as he browses through his HB's old family photos.

This shot was taken in the early 1950s in Sidmouth, a seaside town in east Devon. A middle-aged man, a latecomer to parenthood, looks fondly at his three small boys.

He's pausing during the construction of what is to become their family home: a fine house perched on the sea wall, overlooking the pebble beach and the English Channel.

Click goes the camera, and on goes life.

The proud father died in 1959.

The boys are now aged 60, 59 and 57.

One of them is a grandfather.

The two older brothers have now outlived their father.


Barrie said...

Middle son says, "very well put!"
Also - the proud father was born 107 years ago this coming 17 December 2007 in the village of Cloontia in County Mayo. He and his family were then surrounded by - and dependent on - bogs. In his wildest imagination I doubt he would have predicted that had he reached the age of 107 he would then be surrounded by - and arguably dependent on - blogs!

Mr Gnome said...

From bog to blog!

Ha ha ha, you naughty punster, you!