Sunday, 25 November 2007

Mr G's art is in the right place

Mr Gnome likes to think he has an 'eye' for talent. So when a young artist sends him samples of his or her work, Mr G becomes very excited.

He says: 'Here I am admiring some delightful drawings by Paddy from Cheshire. Paddy has chosen a tip-top subject for his work: ME!

'I feel very honoured to have been captured on paper with such energy and confidence. Hurrah for Paddy!'

Mr Gnome rather likes the idea of being a 'muse' for artists - and is open to all offers.


brett jordan said...

look at those two ducks, trying to get in on the act... shameless!

Mr Gnome said...

Well, Brett, when one's surname is Duckie, shamelessness is an inescapable ingredient in the genetic package.