Monday, 19 November 2007

Mr G admires vicars with vim...

Outgoing Mr Gnome relishes encounters with HBs (Human Beings) of all types and backgrounds - even Anglican clergypersons.

One of his favourites from that (occasionally) exotic fraternity/sorority is the Rev Steve Tilley.

Original, thoughtful and kind, Mr Tilley offers something rare in today's church: platitude-free ministry.

Mr G is quietly in awe of the Rev Steve, who is an experienced and often inspired (well, he should be, shouldn't he?) blogger. More than that, he's a tip-top writer.

Enter the wholly splendid world of this remarkable gentleman via Mustard Seed Shavings.

Be warned, Mr T occasionally provokes.

But as Mr Gnome remarks: 'And why not? Beige is so, so No...."

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