Sunday, 18 November 2007

Gnome Modern

Having relished the Betjeman extravaganza, Mr G nipped to one of his favourite London eateries: Café 2 at the Tate Modern art gallery.

This is a tip-top, moderately priced place to meet for lunch. Super menu. Friendly, speedy service and a busy, buzzy atmosphere. Totally family friendly.

Knockout views over the river, of course.

Naturally, if you're Mr G you have to put up with a wee bit of papparazzo attention.

Actually, we spotted a literary celeb-ette during the short wait for our first course: Nick High Fidelity Hornby.

You can't beat a good celeb-spot when you're out in the capital.

Mr G gives this splendid venue three loud Hurrahs.


web said...

hello Mr Gnome thank you for the invite to your blog :0) cant wait to see what you get up to :0)


Barrie said...

Thank you Mr. Gnome,
We, across the pond, did not realize that Mr. G was also Mr. Gastrognome - how silly of us not to have guessed!
We will be watching your blog to get juicy tips on tip-top places to eat and meet on our stop-over visit to the land of your distant cousins - the Trolls!
All the best,

Mr Gnome said...

Thank you - first commenst on the new Blog. Hurrah!

Mr Gnome said...


Tsk for moi!