Saturday, 1 December 2007

Mr Gnome ponders...

Mr G's boundless self-confidence makes him proof against bouts of dreary introspection. That said, he occasionally pauses to ponder....

He says: 'I'm small, bearded and a proud wearer of a splendidly pointy red hat.

'As if you hadn't noticed.

'My name and my appearance match my status - Mr Gnome is indeed a gnome.

'Strange, then, that many HBs seem reluctant to notice or acknowledge my "gnomehood"

'It doesn't bother me. But occasionally I feel rather sad at the assumption that, for them, there's something unacceptable about being a gnome....

'They assume I'm a rather small, pointy-hatted, bearded HB.

'Or maybe they know I'm a gnome. But they don't like the idea of having a gnome in their midst. So they pretend I'm an HB.

'I play along. It's simpler. Gnomes are a minority group, after all. The HBs hold most of the cards. (Not all!)

'But I'm not an HB.

'I'm a gnome....'

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