Sunday, 16 December 2007

Inclusive church

Mr G's afternoon visit to Birmingham included a pause to relish the tranquillity and beauty of St Martin's Church, at the heart of the Bullring shopping district.

People of all sorts clearly enjoy coming to the church and absorbing its peace - and they are made to feel welcome.

Mr Gnome made a few last min shoppings at the Muji store, source of all sorts of cool household and 'desky' items.

He wishes that the staff serving the HB had been a little more interested in serving the customer - and a little less interested in chatting to one another.


Small note...
Mr G has been in discussion with the HB regarding the content of the blog.

Mr G feels that the time has come to make postings a wee bit more incisive.

He told the HB: 'I'm intrigued by that feisty American adjective "kickass". I'm wondering if, in 2008, my blog should adopt that word as its inspiration....'

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