Saturday, 8 December 2007

The eye of the master maketh the horse fat

Mr Gnome rattled along the rails today to visit the historic port city of Bristol.

The HB improved the shining hour with some Christmas correspondence.

Mr G was privileged to be granted a behind-the-scenes glimpse of an up-and-coming local eatery - THE MAGIC ROLL.

It's located at 3 Queen's Row, a short step from the University. Do try. SO not a chain.

Mr G declares an interest. His HB is related to co-proprietor JPK.

A colourful expression emerged.

JPK noted the importance of a gently watchful management style in a business that employs many people with cash-handling responsibilities.

One doesn't have to mount a heavy surveillance operation. One simply has to be around, taking an interest and letting people know that you are aware.

Since he's been doing this, cash no longer goes astray - the tills balance.

He remarked: 'Old proverb: 'The eye of the master maketh the horse fat.'

Wise words from a wise man.


Barrie said...

JPK is looking healthy and handsome! BCK says good luck in catering venture! Thanks to Mr Gnome for publishing this stuff!

Mr Gnome said...

Well said, Barrie!

You have one OB to look up to.

And I have two.