Sunday, 2 December 2007

Current affairs

Micro-celeb Mr Gnome tonight helped bring twinkling illumination to a Midlands street by switching on the famed Banbury family Christmas lights.

Mr G said: 'What an honour! I'm galvanized, electrified and dynamized to have been chosen to perform this joyous task.

'The Banbury family brings light into the lives of many people. How appropriate, then, that their home at Christmas should be transformed into a glorious glitterball of a zillion coruscating points of light.



Anonymous said...

Mr Gnome! Me thinks you do exaggerate a tad! I have it from a very good source that there were 700 lights not a zillion! This however, still compares favourably with other celebrity switch ons! Well done and thank you for helping to bring cheer to the district.

Mr Gnome said...

Thank you, Anon!



The merest touch of hyperbole!

: - )