Saturday, 8 March 2008

Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure

Mr Gnome is in a state of barely suppressed frenzy as he anticipates a visit to the Bantam Team Rooms, Chipping Campden.

The Bantam Tearooms, in his opinion, are as close as one can get on this planet to the Platonic ideal of quintessentially English teashop-ness.

Let the home-made cakes be brought forth, let the warm crumbly scones be dolopped liberally with clotted cream.

One could continue - but the tidal wave of delight overwhelms man and gnome....


Webrarian said...

You know, I really shouldn't approve of this migration of clotted cream to places outside Devon and Cornwall.

If you ignore the slightly variable service and opening hours, this is my favourite teashop

Although there's a nice little one in West Mersea which is daintiness itself.

Mr Gnome said...

Thank you! I eel called to Penzance!

Mr Gnome gives me special dispensation re the clotted cream.

And I guess that the fact that I am a Devonian makes, in a sense, any tea table at which I sit a little bit Devon-ish....

Anonymous said...

Upgrading from butter to clotted cream was a very good idea!

Mr Gnome said...

Thank you!

I follow Mr Gnome's advice in all matters concerned with tea, clotted cream, cake and macaroons!