Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Good news in a bard place

On a whim I took myself to the Mothering Sunday service at Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Big church, packed with people aged from a tiny baby (baptised without a whimper during the service) to a woman of over 100 (I think I heard that correctly.)

Nice mixture of the formal (vestments, white-cassocked servers, trad hymns, vibrant organ) and the informal (teenage singing group, friendly MC-ing from cheerful vicar aided by tip-top radio mike.)

During the service we were invited to take part in an 'activity.'

Not a big fan of audience participation, I nonetheless appreciated the opportunity to jot down a mum-related thought/prayer/thank-you on a small paper flower and later leave it on the altar. As someone with neither parent living , and no children, I was grateful that someone had thought of this simple but effective way of including everyone in the service.

The vicar is Martin Gorick (yes, poor man, it rhymes with Yorick). His talk/sermon was short (hurrah!) and to the point. He spoke affectingly about the 'fathering' and 'mothering' love of God.

And he spoke clearly and simply about the church's 'vision' to be 'bridgebuilders' - to help take God to the community, and the community to God. Sounded like a good concept, to me.

He mentioned the fact that as a church they have adopted three 'values' to help them as they start to build bridges: humility, holiness and hospitality.

Hmm. I think I could start to get excited about that.

Anyway, ten out of ten to the community at HT, S-u-A for a joyful, inclusive, positive experience. Hurrah.

Overseas readers: please don't panic re climate change in UK. Photo was taken in August.

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Webrarian said...

For one ghastly moment, I read this is as a tiny baby being baptised and belonging to a mother aged 100.

It's been a long day...

Josie and I stood outside HT two weeks before and enjoyed the singing from outside (then hurried off for our backstage tour).