Monday, 3 March 2008

Fair exchange

At the end of the 1970s I taught this third grade class at a school in South East Alaska.

SE Alaska is an elongated mosaic of islands hugging the north-western edge of Canada. The community where I taught, though sizeable, is inaccessible by road. You arrive by plane (two hours from Seattle) or ferry (fifty hours).

Mostly uninhabited, the region's main industries are fishing and logging. Though northern, SEA qualifies as a rain forest. And I remember the rain as constant, relentless, endless.

After a shaky start (homesickness) I fell in love with the place - and relished every moment of my Alakan experience.

More recollections soon.


Webrarian said...

As my American cousin would say, "I'm looking forward".

barrie k said...

Some personal thoughts on your Alaska blog post.
* Considering that we are not twins isn't a little bit extraordinary at how alike we look?
* I am awed by the massive continental land mass that towers above Juneau.
* We met very briefly in New Orleans: you on your way back to England; me on my way to India, the long way around. If someone had given us a peep at our futures I have a feeling we would have both dismissed the views as pipe-dreams!
* When I stare at that photo of Juneau I get a "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" tingle when I think of the new home I am being welcomed into - in the shadow of Mount Megunticook, Maine! OK, it's a streach but aside from the huge difference in scale - check it out!
Best wishes from your brother in New England,