Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Boosting or boasting?

Mr Gnome's in two minds about this sign on Oxford Station.

Justifiable civic pride, or a wee bit boastful?

Though he loves Oxford, Mr G would rather the city left it to others to toot the trumpet.

He relishes the city's beauty and its centuries-steeped air of academic seriousness.

But the unavoidable atmosphere of elitism can be hard to take - Mr G, like most of us, is prey to chilly 'Jude Fawley' moments when he wanders through the city.


brett jordan said...
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brett jordan said...

More concise than Corbridge's however...


St said...

Welcome to Nailsea. Silver award in the 2005/6 Britain in bloom competition (south-west region). Lend us a trumpet.

Mr Gnome said...

Hurrah for Nailsea - An achievement to be proud of!

Toot and hoot, say I, with total justification.

The Oxford sign simply looked a wee bit smug to moi.