Thursday, 20 March 2008


Tomorrow, Good Friday, I'll be in Birmingham to take part in an event that's been, for more than a decade, an annual landmark.

St Matthew's long narrative of the final days of Jesus Christ's earthly life has been set to music, so that we hear the words of Jesus, Peter, Pilate and the narrator as they appear in the Bible text.

Between each vivid scene are reflections, sung by one or more soloists, or a large choir, which invite us to respond to the events depicted.

And, fr0m time to time, the narrative is punctuated by hymns which appeal directly to the emotions.

The composer created an intensely dramatic work, full of shifting moods and changes of tone - glorious, memorable tunes.

Each year I'm drawn in and find myself responding in new ways.

Image copyright Simon Smith 2007

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