Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Son stroke

UK sports headlines have been dominated in recent weeks by the Lazarus-like return to top-level management of 1970s soccer hero Kevin Keegan (56).

The HB (who is to football as Queen Victoria was to hang-gliding) happens to have the same surname as the ever-bouffant KK.

He notes: 'I dropped off some items for dry cleaning today, giving my name when asked by the friendly assistant.

'Without looking up, she said: "So are you Kevin Keegan's dad?"

'When I had regained the power of speech, I gently informed her that Kevin is my junior by a mere twelve months.

'The poor woman was mortified - and we decided to agree that she must have been thinking of Kev as he was in his glory days, some thirty years ago.

'There cannot be any other explanation, can there?

'Don't all speak at once....'


Barrie said...
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Barrie said...

May I suggest that the next time a retail associate asks you the question, "So are you Kevin Keegan's dad?" your answer should be, "What would be the discount on your services if I was old enough to be Kevin Keegan's dad?"
If the answer is more than 10% go ahead and give them your autograph.

Barrie said...

There is a wonderful column in the New York Times Sunday magazine called The Ethicist by Randy Cohen.
Mr Cohen makes a living by answering questions from people like me who agonize about getting a senior discount that I don't qualify for. I am harping on about this because, over here in New England, I just wish they would ask me if I am KK's dad instead of going straight to the senior discount question!