Thursday, 10 January 2008


Mr Gnome is delighted to find his blog mentioned in the fragrant pages of that deliciously idiosyncratic journal The Church of England Newspaper.

How kind of author Steve Tilley to mention Mr G in his December web roundup column.

The Gnome remarks: 'One adores the publicity. But in such serious company I feel a little out of place, rather like a sequin on a cassock....

'Mr Tilley says that I 'point the camera' at myself a little more than is necessary.

'Not guilty. I have a very amenable Human Being to do all the snapping for me.

'In any case, why keep a dog....?

'Too many pictures of moi? Oh please.

'Anyone would think I was an egnomaniac with a level of self-regard to make Miss Piggy look like Mother Theresa.

'Why has it gone quiet...?'

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