Thursday, 17 January 2008

I remember, I remember...

...the house where I was born.

And here's the view from the house next door.

Connaught House perches on the sea wall at the western end of Sidmouth's Regency promende.

It was our family home from 1953 until 1955. We moved there from neighbouring Clifton House, where I was born.

Privileged? Yes indeed.

The remarkable aspect, to me, is how very little the view from this window has altered in fifty-five years.

I was in Sidmouth last year. I think it would be fair to say that, apart from some minor details, absolutely nothing has changed....

Many people report that a return to the place of birth and childhood can be deeply saddening - the years have changed the once familiar world beyond all recognition.

I'm fortunate to have the opposite experience when I return to Sidmouth: all the landmarks of my earliest years remain as I remember them.

A little disconcerting, but in a different way....
No prizes for guessing that Mr Gnome thinks Sidmouth is heaven on earth....

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