Saturday, 5 January 2008

The joy of tweed

Mr Gnome celebrates durability.

The HB's sturdy winter coat recently 'came of age', having given twenty-one years of warm and quietly stylish service.

Peacefully and without fuss, one of the buttons departed for Button Heaven, during the Christmas holiday. Sadly mourned.

The HB is already in touch with Crombie, and is certain that a replacement fastener will arrive shortly.

By the way, the HB bought the coat (autumn 1986) from the memorably named gents' outfitters, The Famous, in Cheltenham.

Still trading, The Famous is a retail outlet after Mr Gnome's heart. Transactions are completed by means of a vacuum tube that whisks one's payment to an out-of-sight cashier. Seconds later, the receipt is whooshed back to the waiting customer.


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