Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A modest proposal

Cheerful of disposition, robust of character and tolerant to a fault, Mr Gnome eschews the moan, the whinge and the complaint. By which point the reader is doubtless well prepared for the arrival of....

But, Mr G feels a mildly overwhelming urge to offer a few apercus on the topic of the mobile telephone, as evidenced by that omnipresent modern phenomenon - the ringtone.

In his experience, many of these aural annunciations can be described by the words in the upper segment posted above.

Loud, insistent and intrusive, they karate-chop their way into daily life with their bold-as-brass tones as if to say: 'Hurry up! Answer me! Now! At once! Jump to it!'

Oh please, sighs Mr Gnome. Too, too wearying for words.

Needless to say, he is inordinately pleased with telephone tones that may be described by the words on the peaceful white background.

A glissando of harp strings, a ping as of a celeste, a bluesy solo clarinet - these and many other choices are perfectly audible, alerting the phone owner to an incoming call or text. But they do so with modesty and discretion.

Not racketing in with a gallumphing self-advertisment that would make Atilla the Hun look like Julie Andrews.

Chill, says Mr Gnome.


brett jordan said...

so, where does my carefully edited 'Roaaaaaaaerrrrrrr!!!!' from the Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again' fall into?

Mr Gnome said...

How could such an utterance fail to be anything other than delightful.

Mr Gnome adores exceptions.

Chegwin said...

Should Mr Gnome ever require 5 minutes relief from the melodious sound of the Nokia ring tone in G - I highly recommend getting one of these incredible gadgets! :