Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Mr Gnome raises resounding hurrahs for the superbly useful phenomenon that is the iPhone.

Ownership of this gnome-sized and coolly elegant design miracle is akin to having a tireless Jeeves at one's constant beck and call.

Apart from housing calendar, diary, internet browser, address book, birthday reminders and to-do lists, the iPhone uses a 'global positioning system' so that it knows its exact location at any time.

So what? So plenty.

At a touch of the screen, the phone instnatly offers lists of the nearest restaurants, cinemas, taxi firms - and so on.

Ditto with train times, plane departures - and much more. All bypassing expensive inquiry phone calls.

One could jabber on....


Webrarian said...

One can only agree wholeheartedly, and add that it looks gorgeous as well and invariably attracts the question "Is that an iPhone? I've been thinking about getting one..."

brett jordan said...

I've been thinking of getting one since they were first announced... i now think i am about the only person without one! glad you're enjoying the iphone mr keegan