Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Going swimmingly

Mr Gnome is unable to restrain his human associate from recording his achievement of a 'special category' swim.

In this case the categories are a combination of 'most northerly' and 'most unexpected'.

But such was the dazzling sunlight and the turquoise / azure glamour of the waters of Port Ban beach, that he was unable to resist the call of the water.

Cold? Definitely. But once you've launched out, and are horizontal in the top layer of water, it's surprisingly less chilly than on first entry.

The horseshoe-shaped cove was still, and glassy-clear. Away in the distance beyond the rocks guarding the entrance to the tiny bay, the Irish Sea thundered.



Barrie said...

Well done! An inspiration! Here in Maine the swimming togs are cowering and whimpering at the back of a drawer, or is that the owners of the togs?!

brett jordan said...

Bravo Mr Keegan... although I notice that there is no photographic evidence of your dolphin-like aquatic adventures...

Mr Gnome said...

Many thanks!

I have photographic evidence and a picture-swap will take place on my return home.

Possibly plunging in again today!

Our company here includes a triathlete of the 'Iron man' sub-category. He swims daily.

But in a wetsuit.

Oh please.