Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Short films

The small, independent local cinema: sadly a thing of the past in most places. But alive and kicking in lucky Leamington Spa.

The cinephiles of this leafy midlands town can choose between a town-centre multiplex for mainstream offerings and the Royal Cinema, pictured here, which specializes in the 'art house' end of the market.

No prizes for guessing that Mr Gnome is a regular visitor to the Royal: low, low prices, non-noisy confectionery and a comfy auditorium - and a five-minute walk from home. Hurrah!

And although he has nothing against the DVD format, he feels that there's no excitment to match that of viewing a tip-top film on the big screen.

By the way, ever eager to promote small-but-splendid technological development, Mr G draws readers' attention to the stylish Brompton folding bicycle in the background above.

Back to the cinema: any must-see recommendations for the months ahead?

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