Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mr Gnome scrubs up!

Today Mr Gnome relished accompanying his chums to an upscale-but-informal family celebration at Great Fosters, a top-notch hotel in Surrey.

Though more familiar with cafes and diners, Mr Gnome found the ambiance of this historic Tudor pile to be not in the least intimidating. The young staff were cheerful, attentive, friendly and efficient.

There's polished wood a-plenty, beams and latticed windows - but the dining room is bright and airy. Please do NOT think 'medieval banquet'.

The Humans polished off a splendid three-course lunch before wandering through the very beautiful gardens.

Prices? GF isn't cheap - neither is it extortionate. Terrific value if you're looking for a venue for an extra-special family celebration.

Mr Gnome awards three robust Hurrahs!

More info about Great Fosters.

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