Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Prime number

Along with the ruby-slippered Dorothy, Mr Gnome has learned to look for the good things waiting to be discovered 'right here in my own back yard'.

Eleven, in Leamington Spa's Regent Place, is small, unpretentious and of tip-top quality - aspects that Mr Gnome is always eager to celebrate. And the food and ambience are so French that Mr G now refers to this splendid bistro as Onze.

The evening had an element of serendipitous discovery. Booking at the very last minute, we discovered that the special feature of every Tuesday evening at Eleven is the £13.50 menu terroir. (By the way, terroir means 'of the earth'.)

The other special feature of the terroir menu, is that it offers le choix de Hobson - one dish per course - no other choices!

We began with a pork and duck rillette - that's a kind of coarse pate, served with a salad and some dinky slices of toasted bread. Jolly good portions as well. Scrumptious.

Next was rump steak (top-quality) accompanied by hearty, golden, perfectly cooked potato chips.

Finally a blackcurrant mousse, served in generously proportioned tumblers. Wow!

Glance back to the price per person. Yes, £13.50.

Excellent, friendly service from our French host.

Mr Gnome will return.

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St said...

Sigh. Twas a wonderful place and the only great place to eat I L/Spa once Solo closed. Miss it.

Mr Gnome said...

Next time you're in LS, you can be my guest!

: - )