Monday, 12 May 2008

Radio daze

Today Mr Gnome was privileged to meet presenter Annie Oathen during a live broadcast on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire.

In fact, so great was Mr G's dazzlement at being caught in the media spotlight that he temporarily 'went Trappist', obliging the Human Being to answer Annie's questions on his behalf.

Packed with useful features for gardeners and allotment keepers, the programme aired from Annie's allotment on the northern fringe of Leamington Spa.

Producer Stewart Kingscott and his team opined that three hours of horticultural broadcasting would be incomplete without some gnome-related input. A short phone call followed and Mr G was booked.

Annie, a true professional, 'connected' instantly with Mr G and the Human Being, putting them at their ease as she quizzed them on a variety of topics as they toured the allotment, pausing to encounter a nearby resident gnome.

Like to hear the broadcast? Really? Please contact the HB by clicking the e-mail link to the right (under Contacts).


brett jordan said...

Listened to the broadcast. Wonderful positive stuff. Bravo Mr Gnome, and his HB.

Mr Gnome said...

How kind, Brett.

Mr Gnome - no surprise - relished the exposure.