Friday, 25 April 2008

Water, water

Shopaholic Mr Gnome can rarely resist a new product.

Browsing through his local branch of the ubiquitous cash chemist, he noticed these wee spay canisters (just his size).

Mr G was intrigued by the possibility of frequent cooling bursts of spray at the press of a button. A boon on a sultry summer afternoon.

Hurrah! And at £3.89 for a can-ette containing 125ml, pricy, yes - but well worth it for exposure to the cooling hyper-sophisticated formula within.

But before reaching for his groats, he checked the ingredients. Sorry, ingredient.


Hmm, that works out at, er, £31.12 per litre of 'aqua'.

Boots are doing a tap dance.

1 comment:

Webrarian said...

Just aqua? A bit of compressed air, I suppose?

What a rip off. Do you have to keep it in the fridge to 'assist its cooling properties'?

You didn't take this on 1st April, did you?