Sunday, 6 April 2008


What could be more thrilling on a Saturday morning than a whooshing, whizzing, whirring journey through the car wash?

Yes, yes.... Mr Gnome is fully aware that said activity isn't going to gain him ANY green points.

But, oh, the slightly scary, out-of-control feeling of being conveyed inexorably through so much swirling water, frothing foam and hurricano blastings of pressured air.

Mr Gnome wonders if so much sensory delight can be entirely good for him....

But only for a second or two, before utterly abandoning himself to delirium.

As another unrepentant hedonist remarked: Poop, poop!

1 comment:

Webrarian said...

The bit that always really scarces me is the sign that says something like "Don't start your engine until you get to this point."

Which point? And what is meant by 'you'?

As a result my car is generally rather grubby.