Monday, 14 April 2008

Cross my plam with sliver....

Spelling test coming up? Might be helpful to, er, know in advance which pesky words to prepare?

Well, you won't need a crystle ball to know to give these 'seers' a wide berth.

(Thanks to my chum BJ for pics snapped recently in NYC.)

Reminds me of a friend who lived on the edge of historic Chelsea. Two elderly friends popped in en route to a visit of horticultural and herbal interest.

'We've always wanted to visit the Chelsea Psychic Garden,' confided one of them.

Or Kenneth Williams' mother on a visit to a cathedral, admiring its spectacular 'flying buttocks'.

Or Lou Willams on another occasion: 'Yes they're getting a big loan from the bank - but they'll have to put up some cholesterol.'

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St said...

Read my plam. Please.