Sunday, 27 April 2008

Big Eden

Take Brokeback Mountain, remove the anguish of the two protagonists (and the homophobia of everyone else), spoon in some ultra-tolerant far-western good ol' boys and gals, add maple syrup to taste - and you've got Big Eden, a movie that appeared (and swiftly disappeared) in 2000.

All of which sounds as if I didn't enjoy this film. But I did - it's engaging, characterful and unpretentious. And if its theme of a remote community conspiring to bring two shy people together is a little contrived - well, so what?

It's refreshing to find a film that doesn't feel obliged to wave a flag for a cause, but is content to tell a simple story with charm and grace.

And by allowing its characters a 'happy ending', perhaps, when you think about it, it's maybe a tad more subversively provocative than the wonderful angst-fest that was Brokeback.


brett jordan said...

Were there many car chases?

Mr Gnome said...


There was an ambulance dash and, at the end, a high-speed rush to the airport.

Then there was the bit with the demented Cyberdroids - and the Manga animated sequence featuring a rabid Komodo Dragon.

And I forgot to mention Salma Hayek's brief appearance as a Karate instructor with an 'agenda'.

Something for everyone, really.