Saturday, 12 September 2009

Fancy this

Finding himself in his local M&S today, Mr Gnome swiftly abandoned himself to the timeless allure of the fondant fancy.

How to classify this very particular confection? For Mr Gnome, the FF is a wee bit too special for an ordinary tea or coffee break, freighted as it is with memories of formal 'high tea', where its pastel cheeriness would enliven the table with an air of frou-frou frivolity.

While a substantial, home-made (of course) cake would be the unquestioned diva of the tea-table, the fondant fancy was its sparky soubrette - its irrepressible charm enhanced by a hint of larky vulgarity.

If there's anything to cake-related re-incarnation, one can predict how the glorious Barbara Windsor will be coming back.


Paddington in Paris said...

I would like to say that the pink FF is the most supreme closely followed by the brown one.

The yellow one however lags firmly behind as the colour reminds me of bananas. Now I have nothing against the fruit, but the flavouring used in a cake is always disgusting.

We have strong views involving FF!
Ruthi and Paddington x

Mr Gnome said...

How kind of you, Ms R and PB, to comment. So intense is the pleasure caused by the purchase of a packet of fondant fancies that Mr G is obliged to limit his consumption with utmost strictness. His favourite? He definitely had a 'priority order' but feels it is wise, in public, to hold to a judicious impartiality.

Meanwhile, you two are currently living at the very centre of the cake universe. Who could deny that Paris is a paradise of patisserie-related perfection? And yet... To what extent do our 'amis francais' appreciate the fascinating fabulosity of the FF? Mr Gnome and I are confident that you and PB will do all in your power to 'raise the Parisian profile' of this tip-top British institution. And have no fear: on his next visit Mr G will bring ample supplies of fondant fancies - including the lemony ones. He's very inclusive.

Paddington in Paris said...

We are assuming that you are a yellow fan. Well if it suits you...

We will make a special effort from now on to observe, in any cake shops that we may pass, the humble but deliciously british FF.

Ruthi and Paddington x