Friday, 18 September 2009


Occasional fashion maven Mr Gnome offers his advice to stars of stage and screen, particularly when a looming date with a red carpet propels them into a state of semi-paralysed 'frock shock'.

Such was the sad condition of the dazzling Cate Blanchett when she called up Mr G a few days ago from her home in the Antipodes.

It was a matter of moments for Mr Gnome to point CB in the direction of fashion's 'next big thing' - the retro-licious 'crocheted by my mum' look.

Think 1970s, think ponchos, think shirts with rounded collars, think big patterns - and then go bigger.

To be frank, a close look at Ms Blanchett's fabulous frock prompted moments of semi-spooky deja vu. My late mother, an enemy to idle hands, created umpteen cosy blankets from woollen squares, dispatching then on completion to one or other of the world's trouble spots.

Could one have found its way down under?


Barrie said...

A little research and I find the fashion house behind the crochet. Below is a quote from a splendid press release of Romance Was Born...
Sadly the only thing missing was a reference to our Mum's amazing crochet style!
"Romance Was Born’s entirely Australian production adds another layer of integrity to their label. They insist on supporting the dwindling Australian manufacturing industry and in an industry renowned for compromise and cutting corners – they never do. Their love of Australia has helped them remain honest to their brands distinctive style, our vibrant Australian characters and diverse landscape is a source of constant inspiration but there is nothing daggy or jingoistic about Romance Was Born. They are flamboyant couturiers whose avant-garde use of fabric and colour is restrained only by the limits of their own imagination, which is boundless."

Barrie said...

Shame on the Daily Mail for this unappreciative comment:
"Instead, it looked, chunky, frumpy and downright weird. Blanket - sorry, Blanchett - has always been a style pioneer, wearing edgy and avant-garde looks from young designers, but this doily-inspired dress, designed by Australian fashion label Romance Was Born should be left on the bed, where it belongs."
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