Sunday, 18 January 2009

Life - the musical

Mr Gnome frequently yearns to transform his quotidian routines with a liberal application of twinkly stardust.

If only life were a musical comedy. More glitter. More glamour. More music.

Well, thanks to the brainy boffins of Microsoft, Mr G's world is about to be comprehensively musicalised by the genius product that is Songsmith, promoted here in this lusciously seductive commercial....
Yes, I know, you're awestruck. Epiphanic, or what?

Niggling question beneath the euphoria? Yes, me too.

I won't make any decisions until I know the answer to my key question: Does Songsmith have a 'Sondheim button'?

As Mr Gnome sighs: 'An element of sophistication is de rigeur - no Steve, no sale.'

Thanks to the blessed Brett for bringing this very beautiful thing to my notice.

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