Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Adam and Joe

Not exactly a pop-music maven, Mr G unexpectedly finds himself a fan of the extraordinarily engaging double act that is Adam and Joe of the BBC 6Music digital channel.

To be honest, Mr G knows A and J best from their weekly podcast, which offers filleted highlights of their three-hour Saturday morning show - and which, for copyright reasons, contains no music apart from the tracks that Adam and Joe create themselves.

Friends since school days, the thirty-something pair sound discocertingly like one another. They are funny, articulate and self-deprecating. They manage to combine unforced charm with a hint of outre insouciance. They speak in sentences.

As with all great radio performers, they create a little world in which the listener feels included and at home. They're now totally part of Mr G's aural furniture.

No swearing, no malice, no ego trips. Yet A and J are hilarious, sharp and deliciously subversive.

Perhaps nice is the new naughty.

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Martin said...

I do remember enjoying their TV show quite a few years ago (including many of their own songs, and some random puppetry). Thanks for the heads-up on the podcast. I will go listen.