Friday, 11 July 2008

Sherlock Gnome's casebook

Fearless sleuth Mr Gnome tonight found himself embroiled in a steamy murder mystery.

What started out as a pleasant birthday celebration at Warwick's Lord Leicester Hotel rapidly degenerated into a real-time drama of shrieking accusations, shocking revelations and, inevitably, murder most foul - see pic.

Who had poisoned naughty Squire Willoughby, dodgy property developer and rural racketeer?

Who indeed? Trouble was everyone in the vicinity had a rollickingly good motive for bumping him off.

Feisty Nell at the pub. The gamekeeper with a big secret. Glamorous Chime the herbalist. Toby the fey florist - he seemed to know all the village people. Pat the vet - with a bag full of, er, special medications. Edwin the vicar who may not be all he seems.

Hmm. Enough to say that thanks to the investigative skills of Mr G's table companions, all was solved by the time coffee was being served.

Mr G ought to acknowledge that nearly all his chums that evening were police officers. Respect.

OK. You've guessed. This was a pretend murder. You're quick.

A team of tip-top actors mingled with diners to provide an evening that was as enertaining as it was intriguing.

Top marks to the skilled performers from Murder Sleuths -

Hurrah for them.

The show was, er, quite literally, bloody marvellous!

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