Sunday, 27 July 2008

Friendly Opposition

Despite being a regular visitor to Stratford, Mr Gnome has yet to comment on the tip-top eateries of Bardsville-upon-Avon. Here comes the first of several enthusiastic recommendations.

The Opposition, on Sheep Street, is just around the corner from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

This cheerful restaurant is justly popular with both theatre-goers and non-kulcha-vulchas.

Mr Gnome recently joined a post-Hamlet party of nine for a late-night supper - and in-depth discussion of David Tennant's performance as the puzzled prince.

Mr G relished a delicious Caesar salad while his co-diners tucked in to a wide selection from the menu.

The food was terrific. Plenty of it, well presented and hot. Hurrah!

Service was speedy, upbeat and friendly. Staff seemed genuinely interested in our opinions of the production.

Three cheers for The Opposition.

More info at: The Oppo


St said...

The Opposition seems to have been around for ever. It used to advertise itself in the 'local ads' bit at the Apollo Cinema. Never managed to eat there.

Mr Gnome said...

I think I first ate there in the Seventies! (1970s)

We sat down to eat at 11.00pm and left at about 1.00am.

Super food and good prices.