Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Greene Street 2, New York City

An unremarkable street at the rougher end of the city. A boarded-up doorway. Some random graffiti. Not much here for the artist or the poet?

Fortunately, artist Jeremy Duncan's eye doesn't work like that.

He pauses and invites us to share a moment of stillness and strange, unexpected harmony.

Awareness of urban grunge subsides as morning sunlight picks out the elegant classical column, a remnant of the street's former dignity.

Its jagged shadow draws the eye to the delicate blue of the boarding, and then to the doorway, with its single window, the focus of the picture: intriguing and mysterious.

Suddenly, a scene of utter ordinariness becomes extraordinary as light, silence and stillness reveal its 'hidden' beauty.

For me, the picture speaks powerfully of the 'holiness' of the everyday, human world: damaged and fragile, but also resilient, graceful, enduring. And always worth a second look, a second chance.

In short, the picture is a sort of everyday epiphany.

You can see more of Jeremy Duncan's work via the dealer Waterhouse and Dodd.

You can buy prints via EasyArt.

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