Thursday, 7 February 2008

A good man

Regular readers of this blog (you're out there somewhere) will be aware of Mr G's admiration for the extravagantly bearded Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Though his beard is somewhat reticent, Bishop James Jones of Liverpool emerges from Mr G's episcopal scrutiny with flying colours.

Keen of mind and warm of heart, Bishop James is an admirable Christian leader - making an impact in the Liverpool diocese and beyond.

The HB has been fortunate to encounter JJ on several occasions - and has always been impressed by his insight and his clarity of communication.

And he's a genuinely humble, prayerful man.

Click here to read his recent essay 'Making Space for Grace and Truth'.

But, as Mr G is well aware, the bishop should nurture that beard....

Hide those clippers, Mrs Jones.

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Webrarian said...

A thoroughly interesting and enjoyable read which I would never have seen had you not posted the link.