Friday, 1 February 2008

Carpe diem

February brings day after day of warm, tranquil, late summer weather - perfect for a hiking holiday.

Well, it does if you're fortunate enough to be in New Zealand, where I spent the whole of February 2003.

Here we are high up with Mount Cooke behind us - a motley bunch of 'trampers' (kiwi for 'hikers'), including three nurses, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a fireman, a financial analyst and a town planner.

I'm sure they were all reassured to know that I was poised to help if any of them experienced a punctuation crisis.

Memories of our travels in South Island haven't faded - glaciers, forests, mountains, beaches, wilderness, vineyards, space, beauty.

You haven't been there? If you possibly, possibly can - do go. You'll never regret it.

The invitation to make the journey came from my friend David (pictured, kneeling right), who was celebrating his remission following treatment for leukemia.

He relished every moment of our travels, absorbing the sights and sounds of that beautiful place with keen enjoyment.

David seized the day.
David died at the end of May 2006. A truly wonderful friend.

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