Sunday, 26 July 2009

Flu in

Mr Gnome, with as good a grace as he can muster, supervises the medication routine in a household currently isolated by the widespread flu virus.

A call this morning to the government's advisory service was answered instantly and helpfully. A simple questionnaire led to a positive assessment and I was issued with a collection number for the Tamiflu antiviral medication.

A kind friend collected the tablets on my behalf and dropped them on my doorstep.

All very efficient. Now it's simply a matter of staying at home until I'm no longer a risk to others. Nice to get it over with.

Over and out.


Barrie said...

Your HB's bro the other side of the pond and your sis-in-law wish you a speedy recovery. We are fairly confident that the HB has a good stack of reading matter - always a "must" even if one doesn't have the strength to turn the pages! Pip, pip!

Marco said...

Hope you get well soon! Close your eyes and think of nice things...that helps!


St said...

Did you have a nice five days?

Mr Gnome said...

I, Mr Gnome, have had a pleasant week.

Not so sure about the human associate.

The fluey-achey thing last night mutated into a cold-sweaty gastric thing.


Hope you are bug-free.