Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Order of the boots

Recent winter weather has prompted the Human Being to venture forth protected from the cold and damp by the cosy carapace of his Uniroyal Super rubber boots.

Brown wellies, yes. But as they were purchased in the USA, the non-military transatlantic moniker seems more appropriate.

The HB remarks: 'These boots are Super indeed. I bought them while living in Juneau, Alaska - one of the wettest cities in the whole of the United States. In fact, this September will bring the thirtieth anniversary of that purchase. Good service, huh?'


St said...

Has your master ever read Jonathan Raban's Passage to Juneau. Excellent travel book and more.

Nice wellies.

Mr Gnome said...

Thank you!

They are rather splendid, aren't they.

The HB also has a 'magic' marker pen purchased in Juneau, October 1979 and still in use.

Said book is on the 'must read' list - has been there for ages. Thanks for timely nudge.

The HB has made the same spectacular voyage up the 'Inside Passage' from Seattle to Juneau, but in the relative comfort of an Alaska Line ferryboat.