Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Very Bard puns

Tip-top gift today from a kindly Secret Santa - this wee coaster uses a design by cheery punster Simon Drew.

We hooted at the liberties taken with WS's titles.

Have you got them all yet?


Keegan the Welsh said...

You're going to have to give us a clue with number five! We've worked out the other four but can't think what the last one might be.

Mr Gnome said...

Generous to a fault, Mr Gnome feels inclined to let you puzzle just a wee bit longer - your delight when you 'get it' will be all the greater.

: - )

Keegan the Welsh said...

Having slept on it, the penny has dropped and we have now worked it out! It was less of a Eureka! and more of a "awwwww" that would usually accompany a bad joke!

Mr Gnome said...

Well, done! Good for you.

And how discrete of you not to reveal the answers to the blogosphere!