Saturday, 13 December 2008

Cavey Christmas

Mr 'in-the-moment' Gnome doesn't quite 'get' the concept of delayed gratification.

But this year, he's been making a sturdy effort to avert his gaze from the avalanche of twinkly, Christmas-related doo-dahs that threatens to overwhelm the human world.

Today, however, he has succumbed.

The catalyst? The advent of the first, fabulously festive guinea pig of the season.

Let the mince pies and mulled wine be brought forth. Mr Gnome is, er, 'up' for Christmas.

Ding dong.

1 comment:

Philippe de Paris said...

Chez nous, for Christmas, we're having three guinea-fowl, two turkeys (all to eat) and one rabbit (to stay - she's called Chou-Chou).