Thursday, 25 September 2008

Gnome of the north....

Mr Gnome bids farewell to his readers for a wee while as he travels north to spend a few pilgrim days and nights on a remote Scottish island.


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see Mr Gnome in the Iona Abbey cloisters. Hope it is a peaceful, refreshing and challenging time.

Mr Gnome said...

Thanks, Anon.

Both Mr G and his HB are having a tip-top time here in Iona. In fact, they are reluctant to depart.

Fortunately, their travels will immediately whizz them on to another (very different) exciting destination.


Anonymous said...

hi Gn and Ro....good to read you've had a good time. Let me know how it has been! Enjoy your trip to the other side of the Atlantic! Talk to you later...Marco

Mr Gnome said...

Ah ha!

Mr Marco, thank you!

Both Gnome and Human are having a wonderful week on Iona - w e have sent you a postcard.

Weather slightly different from midsummer last year - high winds, horizontal rain and occasional sunshine!

: - )

R and G