Thursday, 30 June 2011


Top-notch coffee, agreeable ambience - and pertinent reading matter. What better way of beginning to ponder one's 'next step'?

Along with a zillion others, I find myself facing the reality of redundancy - and the challenge of the question 'What next?'

Mentored by the ever-optimistic Mr Gnome, I'm determined to view current circumstances as opportunity rather than a source of melancholy.

My 'employment wish-list' lengthens daily. At the moment, every incoming notion gets written down - regardless of its link with realism. Time enough for winnowing by the brisk breeze of truths connected to age, qualifications and abilities.

The future looks exciting. Onwards!


Lay Anglicana said...

I'm sure it is a time of opportunity (God never closes a door without opening a window etc). If I can offer a small piece of advice from experience, I suggest you take on some part-time voluntary work if you don't immediately get paid employment. It will add to your cv, but more importantly it will give you a reason to get up in the morning. You can always explain in advance that you may have to pull out at short notice.
Good luck! Whoever 'gets' you will be lucky to have you and Mr Gnome...

Greenpatches said...

A very positive attitude to take, I think. Mr Gnome is a wise mentor indeed. Good luck with the adventure.