Thursday, 9 September 2010

Iona again

Trains, ferries and the trans-Mull bus have brought me once again to remote Iona, on the western edge of the Hebrides.

A week's residence with the community remains a splendid taster of a gentle, simple way of living in this traditionally 'thin place' where earth and heaven seem not-too-far apart.

Actually 'thin' doesn't apply to the gloriously substantial amounts of food served up three time a day, with intermittent servings of scones and oatcakes.

This year's group is slightly less international than in previous years, but eclectic all the same. I've met some remarkable people.

There's been a speaker - the American Franciscan Richard Rohr.

But, for me, the memorable moments come in unplanned encounters over food, or while stomping through wind and rain on the round-the-island 'pilgrimage' - this year enlivened by a close encounter with the Iona bull. A very big boy.

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Greenpatches said...

My admiration for the bravery of Mr Gnome knows no bounds. Mr GP and I hope to go on a similar week next year. What's the best proceedure to adopt when meeting the Iona bull? I have not altogether pleasant memories of encounters with 'Charlie' the Aberdeen Angus, many years ago and wouldn't wish to repeat the experience. :)