Sunday, 24 May 2009

Principle Gnome

Following intense media speculation (it always is 'intense', isn't it?), Mr Gnome has issued a statement.

'I wish to make the following points very clear:
  • I am, of course, a first gnome. I am not now, nor ever have been, a second gnome.
  • The charming waterway beside which I am posing above is the Grand Union Canal. It is not a moat.
  • My associations with ducks are sociable, respectful and mutually beneficial, but stop far short of involvement in duck-related housing issues.
  • And while most ducks flap, they never flip. Neither do I.


Barrie said...

Don't think you can escape scrutiny by renaming your moat the Grand Union Canal!

Mr Gnome said...

Oh all right.

I'll simply have to make the moat of it - rather like the late Mr Deakin - see other post!