Monday, 6 October 2008

First day of vacation. OK?

How thrilling to be in Boston, Massachusetts, once again.

We celebrated by going out to breakfast at the delightful Theo's Cosy Corner Cafe, tucked away in the city historic North End.

No need to describe this riot of self-indulgence - the evidence is before your eyes.

Enough to say that we relished every mouthful.

Service was friendly and, of course, our coffee mugs were replenished frequently.


Anonymous said...

breakfast looks delicious - glad you're having a good time

see you soon

love Carol

Mr Gnome said...

We are trying to be moderate!

Cosmo said...

Oh man, I love American breakfasts - at any time of the day! I can taste the coffee now with its little pots of half-and-half.

(Can't wait to get some when I'm over for Thanksgiving!)

Mr Gnome said...

Thanks, Cosmo!

How kind.


Anonymous said...

It is a miracle that you keep in such fine shape Mr Gnome. Glad you had such a lovely trip.